New Referral System

Refer Users and Earn EXP!


Invite your friends and earn exp! The EXP can then earn you some cash. We do hope everyone likes our new system, to which we are based in the UK but any country can do this. In order to earn you after play games and build up your EXP the more, you earn the more money you can get. We pay out mostly on affiliates, as for bringing us new members as a thank you... But they must have separate IP addresses we do not want you cheating our system.

We will pay the highest EXP points earned every month. Email us to find out more about this amazing new offer...


All you have to do is to send them your referral link:


Change the username to your account's username.


If the user has successfully registered, you will earn an exp reward!


The more referrals you can and if they are active. You can start to earn money with. Earn money with us as an affiliate member. As long as they are active and do not use the same IP address then you can earn some cash. Let us know also at if you have any problems or Questions.

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